Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I'm just not doing a good job with the sketchcrawl pictures. I'll post up the first two (also the best two) and hope I get the rest cleaned up sometime. The holidays are sneaking up awfully quickly, but I can hardly get anything done. As usual, the apathy is killing me.

Since I spent the Sketchcrawl day moving my friend, then running errands around town, then attending my other friend's ornament party, I wasn't able to sketch in any interesting places as I had planned.

Here's a planter in my own backyard. I don't know why the previous owners had deer skulls nailed to the garage, but I've just left them up.

And this is a birdfeeder at my moving friend's parents' house:

I think they turned out nicely with a bit of pencil crayon colour. I never got a chance to drag along my little watercolour set, I just added the colours afterwards, as best as I remembered. I think I like the look of pencil crayons in the journal.

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