Sunday, December 03, 2006

Damned if You Do And...

It's odd, but there are two situations during which my blog suffers: when I don't draw and when I DO draw. When I don't draw, there is no reason to update the blog because I have nothing to update it with. When I DO draw, I'm too busy finishing pictures to take the time out to scan and upload them.

You're damned if I do, and damned if I don't.

So here's a couple of pictures to tide everyone over until I get my butt more properly in gear. I'm gearing up for the Sketchcrawl next weekend, but I don't know what I'm going to do about it, since everyone and their dog seems bound and determined to schedule things on that day. I will be helping one friend move house in the morning, possibly attending a craft party in the afternoon, and there's a department Christmas party I am skipping out on in the evening. So I don't know -- either I will do a lot of work and not a lot of drawing, or a lot of drawing and not a lot of work.

Anyway. Back to some pictures.


Now that that's out of the way... Here's a yoga bunny. I was trying to draw a mascot for Lagomorphosis, and she popped out. I may colour her up and put her on the banner, if I finish all my other drawings and projects soon.

Moving on, here's the inks for what I think may become my Christmas card this year, if I manage to colour it by the end of the week:

It's the Santa Burglar! Ever wonder how Santa gets down your chimney in the middle of the night? I always used to, when I was a child. Eventually I decided that the original Saint Nicholas broke into houses, just like a burglar. In my imagination, I always thought of him as a youngish man dressed all in black, who broke into your house and left you presents. This was long before I moved to Canada and became acquainted with the North American Santa. Anyway, this guy is how I imagine Santa Burglar today -- a mixture of jolly old man and semi-military special-ops gnome.

Last of all, here's a picture I did for the November Drawing Jam. The reference photos were of Leslie Bianchini, a famous Playboy centrefold from the sixties:

I don't know if it's me rebelling against all these nude models that the Drawing Jam guy seems to pick (they used to alternate men and women, but there hasn't been a male model on there since I started participating), but more and more I re-imagine all these girls as monsters and fantastic creatures. Anyway, I used a photo of a milk snake as reference for the markings on the tail. It makes her look like a snake in leopard print.

I'll try to scan a few more things in tomorrow or the day after. Not only do I have a ton of drawings to finish, but we've had a problem with our house for the past couple of weeks. We developed some holes in the house (in the middle of winter!) and mice moved in. We've been catching and releasing mice for two weeks now, and I haven't felt like doing a lot of scanning when I have a bit of downtime. I hope the mouse situation is resolved now (we sealed the holes and drove all the mice out to a nearby ravine), but there is still a bunch of stuff left to do before Christmas so... no guarantees.

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