Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Return of Journal Sketches

Still working on cleaning up Sketchcrawl 12 stuff. Okay, actually I'm doing no such thing. Yesterday I was going to do some comics, but I ended up doing push-ups in the basement every 10 minutes (don't ask; Neil is planning to try doing 600 push-ups in an hour, but I haven't done a push-up for a year now and I thought I'd start with 60 push-ups in an hour). So I worked on that thrice-accursed Joker picture. I can't ink after doing push-ups anyway, exercise makes my hands shake.

The good news is, I think I finally fixed the problem I was having with the Joker's face. Mental note -- correct proportion problems BEFORE you get into detail work. Why is it that I am a repository of good advice I never ever follow myself? ;_;

So until I get the Joker, the comics, or Sketchcrawl pictures finished, you're stuck with stuff from the old journal.

The pigeon was roosting on a window ledge outside one of the buildings on campus. I wandered into an empty classroom to look at the view, and there it was.

There were a couple of pigeons there, but this one stuck around while the other one flew away. I wish I hadn't done such a bad coluring job with the grey marker.


Drawing a spoon was one of the Everyday Matters challenges. I don't find the challenges all that interesting -- I naturally gravitate towards things like shoes and spoons anyway, when I'm starved for subjects. It's wandering about outside and drawing things that bugger off after they've bought their coffee that's a challenge. But I like looking at other people's journals and I am easily swayed. So now I have a spoon. I like the markers here... but I don't like the pointy tip. Why did I make the tip so pointy?

This, on the other hand, just turned out well:

It's a self-portrait. I don't know if the resemblance is all that great... but I like the results anyway.

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