Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Journal Sketches

Although I did a bit of sketching this weekend for Worldwide Sketchcrawl 12, I haven't cleaned up and scanned all the sketches yet. I did, however, scan a few small things from my first journal sketchbook, which I completed on Friday. I can't believe I've been keeping a pen-and-paper journal for six months! There's still a few pieces in there that need cleaning up and scanning, but the sketchcrawl drawings all went into a brand new book.

I noticed this weekend that an artist friend of mine had a hand-bound sketchbook. I've been saving some covers from unwanted hardcover books (if they're in the recycling bin in the loading dock, they're fair game) so that I can do the same thing sometime. Wouldn't that be awesomely cool?

Anyway, here's a few things from early November, that I never got around to scanning. First off, another meeting doodle:

I was playing with my then-new brush pens, sketching out a co-worker's hand. Some parts turned out well, some didn't. Why is one of the fingers pointy?

This hat caught my eye on the bus:

I wish people would wear more exciting hats, especially on the bus. But the only place you see fun hats any more is at the ski hill. This hat wasn't even all that colourful, it just had a striking pattern of stripes.

Last of all, I went to the bar with a bunch of grad students in early November. One of them had just finished passing his PhD defense, and in our department that meant that he had to buy beer for everyone in the deparment! This grad student was very popular and had been there for a long time, so nearly everyone showed up to drink his beer.

Of course, the people there were all students and researchers, and they talked about their research all evening long. I understand some of it, but a lot of it is too specific to their projects to be easy for me to follow... so I took advantage of the fact that they were all sitting around and I drew this scene:

The guy in the middle was a pretty good sport about the whole thing (although he did move his arm around a bunch... which is why it isn't as good as it could be). I didn't capture his face very well -- it was quite dark in there, and the light was behind him. I was mostly interested in how the light shone on his sweater, anyway.

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