Friday, December 22, 2006


I haven't really been working on any seasonal stuff this year (or any other year, really...). It's not my thing. However, I did have to attend an end-of-the-year meeting, where I ended up sketching a bit. Here's the Flower Hydra, sort-of like a cross between Bob the Angry Flower and the Three Stooges:

I discovered that an art store in town I don't usually go to (partly because they are more expensive than my regular store, partly because the last I was there they charged me the wrong amount for pencil crayons) has the PITT brush pens I've been getting online in a wide variety of colours. I guess they are now the most convenient store for me to go to, and it's been several years since the wrong-price thing, so I guess I'll be buying more of my art supplies there.

Anyway, while I was there I picked up the landscape-colours pen pack, which is what I used to colour the Hydra.

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