Monday, July 24, 2006

WoW Comics

I've been doing a few little World of Warcraft one-panels. I think these two might need captions before I submit them anywhere.

This one came out of a guild discussion, where one of the people said that no monster wants a gnome warlock running around between its legs because all the warlock hats have horns on them.

And this one was a little comic of the characters my husband and I play:

He plays a mage, and isn't a very cautious player (but with good reason -- his gnome is a tiny little blizzard of destruction) and me... I like to be careful. It feels like I'm always hiding behind his character. Which is quite a feat, since Wixxit only comes up to Laevis's thighs.

Laevis is a shadow priest, though, so she's slowly starting to come into her own. She's never going to do the big damage (Wixxit puts the "mage" in "damage", ya know!) but she can hold her own in a fight.


Chris said...

Ha! wonderful! I love the second one so much.

Princess Rockstar Scientist said...

Thank you! I've got one more done and a few more in the works, but I'm having some upload problems with Blogger today.