Thursday, July 06, 2006

Meeting Doodles, the Sequel

Still on the all-day meeting pictures. There's a few more pages to go through, too. I guess I could just post them all at once... but then I'd have to clean them up all at once, and what would be the fun in that?

I started with a diamond-shaped face and it turned into this ugly mug:

And a plump lady turned out to have very Roman-esque taste in clothing. It's all those wrapped sandals I see on people -- they're giving me ideas.

Hopefully I will soon finish some of those digital paintings I've been working on -- I'm on the terrifically boring parts, and I'd really like to get them posted and move on to some of the other Drawing Jams. Illustration Friday has a theme up this week that I have a sketch for, I've got a couple more sad caricature attempts to share and I'm still working on World of Warcraft comics. Good thing I've got 2 months of vacation saved up, eh?

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