Sunday, July 30, 2006

Asian Girl

I feel as though my art output has decreased in the past week or two. I'm not sure that's really the case, but I think that the WoW comics have required a bit more polishing on my part, which slows the rate at which I can post them, and also many of the other sketches I've been doing in the little sketchbook have been very rough and uninteresting. I have also had a busy week at work, though, so maybe there really are fewer sketches to post. I've forgotten to date many of them lately, so it's hard to tell.

I have been doing a bit more marker art, though, mostly because my markers now live beside my computer at home and it's easy to do a bit of colouring with them while I'm waiting for something to load or flying my character somewhere in WoW. This is another random photo girl I distorted and then coloured. She had an interesting face shape and very prominent cheekbones, which ended up making my picture of her look very masculine.

I mostly like the way the markers turned out, except that I accidentally used the darked shade of purply-pink rather than the lighter, and while the cheeks look all right, I definitely think it was the wrong shade to use on her chin. I've bought a few more peach-coloured markers on the weekend, though, so I should be able to get a nicer effect next time.

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