Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Last of the Meeting Doodles

Here it is, the last of the meeting doodles that I am going to post:

There's a couple more, but some are concepts for a departmental logo while others are just me getting all sketchy after a LONG day.

And now, for something completely different: another go at Uma Thurman.

I still can't get the deformation of the face right, but I've started trying to caricature more ordinary people, and I'm having better luck with that. Yesterday I tried doing goofy pictures of people based on photos found on DeviantART and in the Caricatures forum on the Drawing Board and it worked out much better. Which means that my next few posts will probably be filled with goofy people! Yaaay!

I'm thinking of going to a friend's barbecue this Sunday and drawing all the goofy people I find there. We'll see how many goofy people I can get from real life.


Apparently, my LCD monitor at home will not catch big white blobs on a pale cream background, while my monitor at work will. How embarassing! I'll have to fix Uma Thurman up when I'm done raiding tonight.

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