Tuesday, July 11, 2006

From Life

I've tried taking the journal/sketchbook out to various locations to get some drawing done. I've discovered that I'm not actually all that great at capturing things like buildings and scenery -- but that's all right, because the whole point of this is to work on my weak spots.

The chimneys on top of the old Arts Building/Convocation Hall at the University (as seen from the 5th floor of the Business Building):

Otherwise known as "the sunburn sketch", since that's what I got in return for my efforts.

This is a picture of the east side of the University campus, as drawn from Victoria Hill across the river valley. The big stripy building is Tory.

The trees proved stupidly difficult to draw. I sketched this out while we sat around on Victoria Hill waiting for the Canada Day fireworks to start.

This was when I tried taking the journal out to dinner. Neil wasn't very happy about that. He thinks I get distracted when I draw, and that it's boring for him. All I managed to sketch out were a few people across the street from the restaurant: a couple ladies smoking, and a street performer who played two flutes using his nostrils.

Actually, I caught the street performer the next day when I was out shopping on Whyte. He also had a whistle in his mouth, and he played quite well!

Last of all, here are a couple things from the following day, when I went out to the Farmers' Market and discovered a medieval re-enactment society there holding a joust or exhibition or something.

First I tried drawing a suit of armour they had on display:

Unfortunately, the girls guarding it decided to move it around so I couldn't complete the sketch to my satisfaction. I sketched one of them out quickly while she wasn't looking:

She was wearing the best hat ever. It looked like a football with lilac flowers liberally glued to it.

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