Friday, June 09, 2006

Still trying to do at least one sketch a day, if for no other reason than because they sometimes turn into finished drawings. Yesterday I inspired myself:

I don't normally look this big a freak, it's just that they air-condition my office to the point of numbness, and since it was raining I only brought a rain shell and not my usual, warmer jacket. By midafternoon I was frozen stiff, so I thought I'd dig through the pile of clothes I keep at the office (as I usually cycle in and need to change, but don't want to drag clothes around on my bike all the time). In my pile of clothes I discovered some useful things, like heavy socks and a winter hat, which I wore all afternoon.

Back in the day when I was a student here, I had even less of a sense of fashion and decorum. I remember a late night programming session where I wore a bathrobe over top of my clothes, and once I borrowed a flowery blanket and wore it like a poncho with someone's scarf. They didn't waste the heat on us back then either.

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