Friday, June 23, 2006

On Finishing Art

I've been trying to work on some more finished pieces (for my "journal" and whatnot), but the result has been fewer sketches. I'm getting a bit burnt out at the moment.

I went through my stack of old art at work to see if I could find some inspiration, and quite frankly it's been a disappointing tour through unfinished faces and pinups. I've been looking at so much good art lately that all the fast sketches I've been used to doing have started to bore me. But designing and executing a finished piece involves days and days of slogwork, especially when you have both a day job and a gaming addiction. In short, I need to strike some sort of balance. Neil suggested I try doing in-between drawings -- sketches from real life, or more detailed sketches, but not finished pieces. However, after a drawing gets to a certain point, I get to thinking... "maybe I should just finish this damned thing!" and so get mired in another big project.

Anyway, don't mind my whinging! It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to. :)

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