Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Don't Love Shakira

Mostly because I've spent two or three days inking this picture of her:

Drawn from a photo reference (obviously).

I am of the opinion that she has entirely too much hair. I think celebrities and models should go for the easier-to-draw bald look. Also, they should eschew complicated pants and only wear black leotards. Possibly, they should just all go nude.

I'm freaking tired, I'll probably have a mixture of "Whenever Wherever" and Rammstein stuck in my head for weeks, and I think I must have used up most of three pigment pens on this bugger. Plus it looks rough because I started it at work, in my sketchbook, which is distressingly toothy.

All in all, one of the more fiddly projects I've undertaken, but good practice, I guess.


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