Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Gave In

I'm such a sucker. I ended up buying a Moleskine online to see if they're all that and a bag of chips. I tried it out today for the first time:

...and actually, I like it. It's got nice paper. It opens up flat so that it scans nicely. The paper is heavy enough so that there will be no wibbling if I choose to use watercolours. But I guess what I really enjoyed was taking it out to the garden and sketching some pansies in ink and pencil crayon. I used to work a lot with pencil crayons and I've had a nice Prismacolor set since High School. I abandoned them to work with digital colour and ink, and I was surprised how quickly I felt comfortable with them again, considering I haven't really used them in five or six years.

The picture turned out quite well, considering that the weather couldn't make up its mind about whether it was going to be eye-poppingly sunny or overcast. I ended up wearing a big-brimmed hat to shade the sketchbook because the paper was blinding whenever the sun came out.

I later took it to the Father's Day barbecue, where I did a couple of quick sketches of Neil and his parents' dog. Neither of them consented to sit still for more than a moment, so the sketches are terribly rough and not really worth posting.

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