Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Vacation Leftovers

So there's a few vacation sketches that are sitting in my journal half-inked. I've been finishing them up very slowly. (Very... very... sloooowlyyy....) But hey -- they'll all end up here sooner or later!

This is a balcony I drew in Rome. It was across the street from our hotel window.

I wish I'd taken some time to get a reference photo. In fact, I wish I'd taken photos of all sorts of things in Italy, like sandwiches and the guy herding sheep on a motorcycle. Heck, I often sit on the bus and wish that I had a little camera in my head, like the skull gun in Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age. I'd love to record all sorts of odd little things about people that I don't feel comfortable just taking photos of outright. There was a girl on the bus a couple of weeks ago that had a purse made out of ties. There's wall climbers at the gym that occasionally do cool things as I jog by (the yoga-climbing lady comes to mind). There's even normal stuff I ride by on the bus that I know I won't come back to because it's halfway between stations and it's winter outside.

The best pictures are the ones you never get a chance to take, hey?


Anonymous said...

i added your blog in my links:)i hope you wont mind

Princess Rockstar Scientist said...

Not at all! I'll put yours on the sidebar as well. :)