Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This is just a rough colour block-in of the Stabbity sketch I posted back in April. I do a lot of sketches I later intend to colour, but few of them ever get past this stage. I generally finish the face and hair and halfway through the clothes I end up with 20 other sketches that I'd like to colour. Photoshop gives one the potential for a great deal of detail, which makes it attractive to try and make parts of my work smoother and smoother, while avoiding other parts of the drawing. Pen and ink are fairly immediate, though. At some point the drawing is just done and you walk away from it.

I'm posting some of my roughs because a). I haven't had a chance to scan in some of the newer sketches and b). hopefully this will prompt me to finish colouring a few of these. I think they could be really good if I just got them done.

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