Saturday, November 11, 2006

This Post is Too Boring to Have a Title

Still stuck in bi-weekly meetings. I don't know what this meeting fetish that people seem to have is all about, I'm just glad I don't have to go to more of them. I may have to start bringing toys or odd objects I can draw, because meeting rooms have got to be the most boring places on Earth.

If I ran the world, meeting rooms would have Lego. And Scrabble sets. Of course, if I ran the world everything would be done through e-mail and no one would need to meet unless they wanted to play Scrabble.

So out of the unending excitement of meetings comes...

...a coffee cup.

At least someone had the good grace to bring one so that I could draw it.


Anonymous said...

you draw this,while sitting in the middle of the meeting?thats crazy!but the drawing is cool.
-kamal anjelo

Princess Rockstar Scientist said...

Thank you! I have to draw something in meetings, or *I* will go crazy.