Thursday, August 24, 2006

Journal Sketching

I've been trying to sketch more stuff from life, to help me with things like backgrounds which I hardly ever bother with (because why? Because straight lines are difficult, perspective is difficult... I'm lazy as all get-out. You heard it here first.)

So here is that front yard picture I posted up a few days ago. I spent some time tonight trying out my watercolour pencils on it.

As you can see, either I suck at watercolour pencils (very possible) or they are not what I should be using to colour complex pictures like this. It could also be a combination of the two.

Luckily, I think I'll stick with inks for the next little while. I'm inking a picture I did yesterday of a little nook outside of Cameron Library on the University Campus, but it'll take me a while. I even had to go back today to get a reference photo so that I don't screw up too badly.

While I'm finishing that up, I'll post this picture I did today at a local Cafe:

I finally swallowed my something-or-other and dragged the sketchbook out for lunch. As a matter of fact I DO get distracted while drawing and am not a brilliant conversationalist, but since Neil was busy eating his pizza, I'm not sure he minded all that much. I had just enough time to sketch out this couple before they left. Turned out quite respectable for a quick drawing!

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