Thursday, May 25, 2006


I've been into comics since elementary school, although these days I only bother to buy graphic novels since they stand up to abuse better. I used to go to the local library when I was a kid, hang out in the Young Adult section and read the comics they had there. I read Batman, New Titans, Cloak and Dagger, Justice League, Hawk and Dove... everything that the library had I went through at least a dozen times. But I saved up my almost-nonexistent allowance to buy Excalibur issues (because Alan Davis rocked. No, really. He still does.) and some of my love for Excalibur rubbed off on the X-men.

So, this is a sketch of Beast, whom I always rather liked. It's a bit messy because I had a hard time figuring out the anatomy. I think I muffed some bits up because my normal anatomy reference has buggered off to Banff for a few days and I had to refer to random bodybuilding photos. Which, I may say, seem designed to hide all the muscles I need to look at.

I think this sketch could do with a bunch of cleanup and some inks. I'll have to enlarge it first, because I've been drawing all this stuff in my tiny travel sketchbook.

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