Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ballpoint Pen

The nice thing about ballpoint pens (apart from the part where people leave them in my office occasionally) is that you can get halftones with them. Here's a couple sketches from early April.

A random web guy:

and something creepy inspired by the title "Don't run with scissors."

He's a bit disembodied because I stuck him into a corner of the sketchbook already partly occupied by the web-guy above.

Plus, something I did today, inspired by the "Girls in the Rain" thread on the Drawing Board forums. My girl turned into a ghost in the rain:

There's a bit of a difference in colour between the ghost and the passersby, due to me drawing the ghost freehand but sketching the pedestrians in lightly with pencil. The pencil didn't quite erase, and so they look darker -- which actually suits the drawing well. This ballpoint pen was unfortunately one of the blobbier pens I've used, and some of the dark blotches were completely unintentional. I also meant to put some houses in the background, but this was the last thing I did before going home and I never got a chance to.

Actually, after taking a good look at it, that ghost reminds me of the spider chick in Wapsi Square. Funny coincidence!

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