Saturday, March 17, 2007

Son of Bus People

Soon to Be Anniversary

Good gravies, it's been almost a year of sketching already. How time flies when one is obsessed with one's hobbies. I'd say that I ought to sketch something out to celebrate, but I'd just forget to do it and then I'd feel silly.

I've uploaded 198 pictures I've drawn and/or coloured in this past year. Even with all the unfinished or just plain awful pictures out of my sketchbook, I don't think I quite made a sketch a day. On the other hand... it's certainly an achievable goal. Maybe that's what I should go for in this upcoming year.

In any case... on with business.

Son of the Bus People

This girl had an interesting face, but I don't think I managed to capture it well.

This guy had a great face... but he wouldn't sit still. So very frustrating. He looks quite a bit older in the sketch than he was in real life.

This guy was perfect. He looked exactly like an urban wizard might look. Too bad he was only on the bus for a few stops. I'd have liked to have done a better job on him.

This sketch turned out all right, but in the process of inking it I learned that dip pens and Moleskine sketchbooks don't mix. Not even a little bit. I managed to save it with pigment pens, but not before I had nearly ruined the picture.

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