Thursday, March 22, 2007


I always feel bad that I don't finish more of the little journal comics I scribble in my sketchbook. Well, today I stumbled on the site of some guy who draws comics on business cards. So I dug out some index cards I have in my backpack and thought... "if he can do it, I can do it."

It's kinda rough and the lettering is terrible (there is a reason why I letter by computer), but at least it's inked! And I can always clean it up and letter it nicely in the future. When I hit the time lottery jackpot.

So, the first day of spring has arrived, and although it was still -10C on the 21st, there were students out in Quad selling hot dogs. (Sometimes, there are students out there selling hot dogs mid-winter, but not only are they crazy, but I am not stupid enough to go outside and buy hot dogs from them.) It's not really going to be spring until oh... about June. But hot dog season at least marks the end of winter.

Oh -- and if you can still see a wiener under all the mustard? You haven't put enough mustard on yet. :)

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