Friday, March 02, 2007

She Plays Violent Videogames!

I'm not usually one to talk technology when I don't have to but... did anyone else notice on Blogger Buzz that there is now an Emacs client for Blogger? I'm positively *agog* with excitement. I'm going to try installing it at work on Monday. To, y'know -- increase my productivity.

Aaaanyway. Back to the art. I went and cleaned up my old Angry Gamer Girl sketch. I just got the two Penny Arcade volumes offa Thinkgeek last week, and I thought... "Hey! I play violent videogames!"* And then I thought that my angry inner gamer could use a bit of ink and colour. Anyway, here she is:

* - Actually, I don't play violent videogames, unless you count running Link (or Moof, as I have named him) into walls over and over, and then dropping him into a pit of lava.


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