Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Work Woes

This is an older sketch I found while going through the drawers at work. It's especially appropriate now, because it's the start of term and I am suffering through the semi-yearly student incursion. I'm only two days in and I actually want to slap every single human being that walks through my door, with the exception of my husband and my cow-orkers.

But enough about work! Oh, the things we have to do to keep the fridge stuffed with radishes and bocconcini cheese.

Moving on:

Feletheus was a Civil Necromancer, Second Class. The perks of the position included a free tin of tea once a month, a small body-parts budget and the right to wear the official necromancer hat with the ram's horns. Unfortunately, this was offset by the fact that his office was located in the city sewers and was invaded by local adventurers every other week. He wouldn't have minded that so much -- after all, he was paid to keep the adventurers off the streets and in the sewers fighting zombies -- except that they always made a terrible mess and tried to make off with his hat.

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