Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Independent Development

I've been "working" on this story since I was fifteen. Maybe even younger. It started out as a story of betrayal between two sisters (not biographical, my brother's six years younger than I am and apart from the fact that he annoyed the living beetles out of me for about five to eight years of my life, we got along well). As I grew older, I pared down the cast, matured the story a bit, redesigned the characters to something a bit more practical... And still, not a single word of this tale has been written.

I went back to look at my character designs this year, and I was surprised and dismayed that my main character bears slightly more than a passing resemblance to Pierre Alary's Marie from Beladonne (completely unintentional -- I guess we're both fans of the Musketeer era). And no matter how far I travel, my elves seem to shop at the same costume stores that Wendy Pini's Elfquest elves patronize.

This was me just giving in. Why fight it? Obviously I'm destined to write some sort of Beladonne x Elfquest crossover.

I won't even start on where Berserk comes into this plot. Sheesh!

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