Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Honey Apples

In the spirit of posting work more often, here are the apfels:

I'm still planning to work on a background for them, but I may not have the time until the weekend. I can't stand working in the dark anyway, and even the days are gloomy and overcast here now. Stupid fall in stupid Alberta.

Really, the last little while has been super-frustrating as far as artwork goes. It seems that every time I have a few minutes to pull out the sketchbook an interruption comes along. Neil's been home sick, which means he's bumping around the house when he'd normally be off Kung Fu-ing. He's in the kitchen when I want to make lunch, and he's on the console when I want to play games, and today I was thinking that maybe, MAYBE I could go sketching at lunch before my lunch meeting (the cow-orkers have helpfully scheduled a bimonthly meeting during my lunch hour; thanks, wankers) before the weather turns really cold. But no. He's got to come in for an afternoon meeting and we'll be having lunch together again. (Lest you think that I'm insane for complaining that husband wants to have lunch with me every day, you should understand that "having lunch" these days mostly means "walking to the food court, standing in separate lines and then dragging the results back to eat at our desks, in separate offices.) I could do without the five-minute walk to SUB and back, only to be stuck at my stupid desk eating my stupid Edo shrimp.

But y'know. I'm not bitter.

I think I'm back in my "Fuck you, human beings! Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!" phase. I seem to be feeling it particularly badly this morning.

* * *

Sheesh. And after all that complaining I did, it just so happens that Neil missed his bus and wasn't able to get here in time for lunch. And did I do any sketching? No. Because I forgot my watch on my bedside table this morning and if I go somewhere where I can't see the time, I will miss the lunch meeting.

So, not only am I bad-tempered, but I'm dumb as a sack of hammers too.

Somehow, this has restored my good humour. Now all I have to do is to try and convince the cow-orkers that we should hold all our meetings in HUB mall, where you can buy tasty cafe lattes and which is more interesting to draw in than the meeting room.

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