Friday, September 18, 2015

Figure Drawing - Sept 9, 2015

After what seems like a long, depressing and unproductive year, I promised my friends (myself, really) to go back to life drawing in September. I have actually paid for a block of sessions and have been to three.  It seems to be working out, with regards to both mood and productivity.  I feel okay!  I've seen some old familiar faces at the drop-in workshop and some fresh new student faces.  

And it doesn't hurt that my skill seems to have increased somewhat since the last time.  I took an acquaintance's suggestion to copy some Bridgman a year and a bit ago and that seems to have helped me tremendously.  I feel more confident and I have a better idea of what I'm going for.  Occasionally I make a stylistic flourish that makes me think "yes, this is how I want to define the human body".

Sketches from my first session on September 9th.  I'm going to try going for the entire winter.  I've also reserved the Bridgman book from the library again and plan to continue studying the rest of it.  If this is how far I've gotten by copying the first third, doing the other 200 drawings can't possibly hurt.

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