Friday, September 25, 2015

Figure Drawing - Sept 2, 2015

Actually I seem to have gotten the dates all wrong.  I started on the 2nd with the previously posted model and this one was from the 9th.  But honestly who cares except for me?  And I only care because I need to organize these posts so that I don't miss anything.

Anyway, here's a female model I've drawn before here.

That second-to-last sketch above is what I would like to aim for in the near future.  Not perhaps the most accurate representation but nicely stylized.  

I've managed to make it to four sessions so far and I've finished all the newsprint pads I own.  Today I am planning to go buy some loose newsprint sheets (since it's ever so much cheaper than buying pads -- nearly 10 times more sheets for five bucks less) and see how that works for me.

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