Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whyte Watercolour

Since Sunday was rainy I didn't bother bringing the acrylics.  I didn't think I was going to do a lot of painting anyway.  But standing in the rain twirling your umbrella for four hours is boring, so eventually I taped it to the easel and did some painting with the little watercolour kit.

This is the same side of the street as the previous painting, just from a different angle.  I think this picture worked out better than the previous one, barring a few issues with straight lines and perspective.  Occasionally I see a flash of real progress or a nice passage in a painting and that keeps me going.  This one has several areas I really like, while the previous one... not so much.

So I might have to do some more work with watercolours.  They go nicely with pencil crayons and ink as well, so eventually I might be able to combine the three in one interesting whole.  I'll probably do at least some watercolour sketches on vacation in August because the kit is so small and convenient to carry, and I can work very quickly with them.  Actually now I'm rather sad that I didn't spend any time in Barcelona doing watercolours -- if I'd known how convenient the Niji water brush was to use I'd have a whole week's worth of colour sketches from vacation.

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