Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Art Walk 2012

I haven't been posting much because I've been preparing for Art Walk, a weekend of outdoor art on Whyte Avenue here in town.  I've been building frames for my paintings, getting mats, and generally running about like a headless chicken.

I last did Art Walk two years ago, when I was stuck at the far end of the festival.  In 2010 it rained like crazy on Friday so I wasn't able to set up, I was right at the corner so that lots of people cut the corner and didn't even see my display, and I only sold a couple pieces to a friend (who still has them hanging in his house and I really can't complain there -- I like seeing a good piece go to someone who enjoys looking at it and being able to see it again myself).

This year I had a much better location and actually sold some work to strangers.  Friday was hot and very smoky since most of northern Alberta appears to be on fire.  Saturday was less smoky but more windy.  And Sunday was rained out so hardly anyone stopped to look.

I did a bit of networking while I was there and I also handed out some business cards so maybe that will translate to more sales in the future.  I might have an opportunity to do an exhibition so there might be a great deal of painting going on in the next few months.  And I earned back my table fee and then some so I'm happy if a little deflated.

Here's my damp little display on Sunday afternoon.  At least nothing was blowing around under the plastic.

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