Sunday, August 28, 2011


I spent the week at a painting workshop in the Badlands. It was definitely an experience! It was my first major highway road trip by myself, my first full-day painting workshop, and my first time in the Badlands since I was a kid.

I met a bunch of very nice ladies, I painted like mad, there were bugs everywhere and I've fallen in love with my province all over again. I can't wait to get out of the city and paint some more! I think that while the weather remains good I'll go out for a day trip every Friday and see what there is to see just outside of town. In early October the river valley should be gorgeous, and then once winter comes I'll be pretty much done unless I buy some oil paints.

Anyway! I'll post the results of my painting spree this week (even the crappy ones), and then see if I can scan the rest of my Barcelona sketches.

To start off, here's the first sketch I did on site, out at the Hoodoos just outside of Drumheller.

(Click for bigger!)

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