Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hoodoos 3

Our day at the Hoodoos started at 09:00, but by about noon it was 33C out there, there was no shade whatsoever and we were pretty tired of being out in the sun. After lunch the group decided to move closer to the river. It took me a while to find the place (perhaps the big sign saying PRIVATE DRIVEWAY DO NOT ENTER had something to do with that) so by the time I arrived everyone else was already set up and I had a bit of trouble finding a shady spot.

After one false start I ended up with this:

I'm pretty sure watercolours aren't my medium (at this point, anyway) but I liked the colours and perhaps this could serve as the base for a better painting.

Unfortunately I rushed the bottom third because I was late for the group critique. The heavy purple could use some softening and the river more work.

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