Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snowmancer Rough 3

I did a better sketch of my design and decided I wanted to try inking it traditionally. Now that I've moved my drawing board into the new office it was fairly easy to set it up for inking again. Apparently I missed the crow quills! I enjoyed working with them again. But man -- I have to do something to solve my tilt problems when doing traditional work. I may have to start sketching on tracing paper.

I also tried the transfer technique where you cover the back of your sketch in graphite and then trace it on top of a sheet of Bristol for the first time. I was like "It worked! It worked!" and called my husband up to look. He said "Huh. You know, I have actual carbon paper. Quite a lot of it." That was a bit funny. I guess I could have saved myself some trouble but at least I have found a use for my black col-erase pencil.

Anyway. I thought I'd try to do something bluefooted-ish with the colour and texture so I spent some time looking at her dA gallery yesterday. And of course right after I post this rough the next person who posts is bluefooted herself. I'm like "Shit! My textures are going to look like crap beside hers!" but it was so funny. But I think I'll just continue with my plan, my stuff ends up looking more like itself than anyone else's stuff anyway.

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