Monday, March 14, 2011

Snowmancer Final

This is doing really badly over at CHOW right now but looking at it again in the clear light of day it doesn't look so terrible.

I was really depressed about it yesterday but apart from the foreground not matching the background (which was a last-minute hack) and the pose being static and a bit fucked up, it doesn't look so bad. I was planning to do one "standing around" pose to show off the costume and a little illo to show the guy in action but I ran out of time and had to throw the monster in the background, which didn't work so well. I was aiming for a watercolour-ish look to the guy which I think I achieved and the texture on the monster looks okay. It's just too bad that everything didn't come together. Also, nobody appreciates a really good set of wizard clothes. Nobody. :P

I was also looking back at my abandoned graphic novel in progress and you know what? I did a good job on some of those pages. I even made myself laugh a few times. I should get back into it. I wasn't a terrible comic artist, only lazy and prone to depression. I'm going to finish that fucker up this next year. Because Lord knows I can't get anybody excited about my illustration and there's at least a chance I can support myself doing comics. :P

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