Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Classics

I was reading the Temple of the Seven Golden Camels blog today and the article on Sempe and Blake caught my eye. I like sketchy, delicate inky styles very much (about the only inking style I don't love is the heavy-lined woodcut style, and even there I can usually find a few pieces where I think it works well).

Not that these have too much to do with either artist, it's just that my original ink style is sketchy and I'm tired of the clean lines I've been doing lately.

These two are just poses of characters taken from my comic and de-bunnified.

Quick, easy fun sketches. There will probably be more of them here soon.


farabi said...

Those pics are totally ugly.Other than that I don't have any other words for them.

Princess Rockstar Scientist said...

You are entitled to your own opinion, of course.