Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Phew. What a busy month it's been! The work server was starting to get unreliable at about the same time I got a few good plugs for my webcomic, so I had to set up my own site two days before my vacation. Thank badgers that I set up my old site in a way that allowed me to just zip the whole thing up and plop it elsewhere without too much fuss. Also -- I love ISPs that give you shell access. I'm going with nearlyfreespeech.net, and they're also great because you only pay for what your viewers use -- which means you can spend just a few dollars to keep a small website running.

The whole process has been much like moving out of one's parents' house for the first time. Suddenly I can put whatever I like on there -- but I have to pay the rent.

Then I went to BC for a couple of weeks, which would have been all right except we apparently despise driving and I caught a cold on the second day after arrival.

Just a few days ago I discovered that my comic has been accepted to one of the bigger subscription sites (although I've chosen to continue providing it for free -- I think building an audience who will eventually buy merchandise will probably work better for me in the long run) -- so transferring the archives over is going to be a metric buttload of work. Also, I will be on a webcomics panel at a tiny sci-fi convention here in town in October. It never rains, but it pours! Really, September is a terrible time for change. In about a week, I will have a hundred students lined up at my door, looking for help. And -- AND! -- I've got Bioshock to play. Why does everything all happen at the same time?

But there, I shouldn't complain. Here's a speedpaint I did today, in the finest spirit of procrastination:

I was experimenting with some brushes I downloaded. Done from a reference photo I took while on vacation. Kinda blobby, innit? Maybe I should dig out my ancient copy of Painter and see whether I can re-do it with more natural-looking brushes.

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