Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sketch Weekend

Here's a sketch from Saturday's sketch crawl. I went to West Edmonton Mall, one of the biggest malls in the world. I hadn't really planned on any specific destination (next time I plan to catch a random bus somewhere and see what there is to see on the bus route). My brother was visiting, and I asked him what his plans were for the day. He had planned to go shopping, so I came along for the ride.

West Ed is not a bad place to sketch. No one bothered me. There are so many people that it's easy to sit somewhere and sketch people without them noticing you. And there are some interesting things inside.

Anyway. Here's something from Sunday, since I was still in a sketching mood. My aunt-in-law's cat:


kamal anjelo said...

the yellow tint of the paper adds a lot of sensibility to your sketches.
i like the first one the best

Princess Rockstar Scientist said...

Thanks! The yellow tint helps a bit when sketching in full sunlight, too. Coloured paper is just nice to work on.