Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Inspiration Monday

Hot Bathing Suit

The result of this week's inspiration.

Fiery children and swimming don't mix:

You can try this at home, but you'll be overly warm AND soggy, at the same time:

I kinda like having a topic but not going straight for the obvious interpretation.

I feel bad about neglecting the ol' sketchblog, but doing a weekly comic is a lot like having homework to finish every week. Between that and Kung Fu and getting the labs ready for the spring semester, I barely have any time to relax. I did get out this weekend for a bit of outdoor sketching. (I only managed 20 minutes. It looked warm and sunny outside, but the wind was just evil.) I'm hoping to throw some watercolours on the picture once I get a few minutes of free time.

My time on the bus is just about over. My bus pass ran out yesterday, and I'll be biking again starting either tomorrow or Thursday. I have a few more bus people to scan, but after that there will be no more until October. I still plan to get out and sketch from life, though. It'll just be a little more difficult to find opportunities to do so.

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