Thursday, April 06, 2006


Here's a little guy that's headed nowhere good:

It's a rework of a sketch I did in a meeting earlier this year, with cleaner inking and the kid reworked to look a little more unique. The inking is clean enough that I'll probably colour him.

I guess this sort of work brings me to one of the major woes in my life, and that is the fact that my inking sucks. I am a TERRIBLE inker. I've recently been able to get some decent results with a nib pen while doing my comics, a few less-than terrible results with a brush and some mediocre-but-clean results with vector graphics. Every other attempt? Sucks. It may be that I am used to working on too small a scale, because I can certainly get my colouring to look decent in Photoshop. Maybe it's time to clear off the ol' drawing table and invest in some larger paper.

Actually, thinking about larger paper makes me miss that one studio course I took at the U. I'm checking out more sketchblogs lately and I keep thinking that I would still like to go to Illustration school. The key to good art is practice. The key to practice (at least for me) is to have a professional poker (as in, "You! Artist! Get going! [poke poke]) and there's nothing quite as sharp and pokey as a deadline. I am not a self-motivated person. Sigh.

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