Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Figure Drawing - Oct 7, 2015

My first (or was it 2nd?) go with the new newsprint.  I don't think I like it.  I'm not sure whether it's smoother than the other stuff or what but it just doesn't seem to take the graphite as well.

Unfortunate, because I've got about 500 sheets of the stuff.  Oh well, if I decide I really loathe it I'll take up paper mache or something.

Anyway.  Another good model!  I was going to ask him if he was a cyclist.  I thought I recognized some cyclist thighs and cyclist scars and also there was a bike sitting in the hallway outside the studio.  I never did, though.  I feel weird talking to the model at the break and once the session's over I'm tired and want to go home.  But I'm starting to become vaguely interested in what kinds of exercise produce what kind of body, so I expect I'll talk to a few models about it in the future.

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