Tuesday, September 06, 2011


We had a late start the next day so that people could wander around town and sleep after the cookout at Dry Island. After lunch we drove out to Dorothy, which is a little ghost town near the Hoodoos. It has one of the few grain elevators still standing in Alberta, a little church and schoolhouse, some shacks and chickens. I didn't quite have time to finish this painting onsite, I did the bottom third back in the studio with the help of photo reference.

I was plagued by bugs all day and it was stupidly hot as usual (better than raining, though) but I think I'd go back and paint there again.

I think my next car is going to be a hatchback. I notice that a number of people paint out of the back of their vehicle and being able to have a canopy that doesn't blow away sounds pretty good. (Although I don't know -- you'd think that the subjects available near roads and parking lots would have been done to death already.)

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