Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bunulon the Second

So this is the Bunulon I made out of Sculpey. The first one was just made out of clay-like plasticine stuff. Sculpey is way more workable! Two things: it picks up little bits of dust and fiber like crazy, and the instructions on the package are total bullshit -- hence the toasted ears.

The toasted ears look oddly charming but I wanted to customize its appearance (and cover up all the little greeblies stuck in the Sculpey) so I painted it with acrylic paint this weekend:

It was surprisingly difficult to paint. I'm going to try sanding Bunulon the Third and see whether that helps any. (There is a Bunulon the Third in the works. These guys are addictive and I want to have them in a variety of poses and finishes. I hope future Bunulons are a little less lumpy and lopsided.)

I don't know why I call them Bunulons. Probably because they look a little blank and robot-like before they're painted up.

Anyway.  If I get a good process going I might put some up on Etsy.

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