Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zombie Me

Probably won't get to finish this CHOW on time since I've still got two POW (Panels of the Week) pages to clean up and I'm going out to dinner tomorrow and Saturday, but I'm going to have to finish this one up sometime because hey -- it's not every day you get to be undead.

Aah, I had a great idea for a Hallowe'en costume this year but I don't own quite enough things to pull it off. I was going to go as an anime catgirl, put a big stack of manga on my desk and "desu" at everybody at work all day. But the only anime t-shirt I own is this one and it's not exactly safe for work. And one ridiculous cat hat doesn't a catgirl make. Or hell, maybe it does! Maybe I should do it anyway.

Next year I'm going to get a fake beard and suspenders and go as a Bob. A Sysadmin Bob.

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