Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hamster Bean

Not quite the next installment in the idol series. Doing a bunch of painting this week for ArtWalk, which is coming up waaay too quickly.

This one was trouble from the start. I put the design on the rejected pile partly because I wasn't sure about it and partly because it looked waaay too Ursula Vernon-ish. Not that I don't love her stuff, because I do, but y'know -- good for the Buddha to be Buddha, not for me.

But then my husband came running in with a batch of mineral violet he'd made up and you know how it goes. Gotta test it out. Can't test it out on a design you love.

Anyway, decided to use the mineral violet and some viridian. Turns out the mineral violet is also very transparent, so the initial stages of the painting were an exercise in frustration. Only after I came back to it with the dioxazine violet and cadmium yellow and the phthalo cerulean was I able to make some headway.

Eventually I got it to look pretty decent. Then it got dinged up because I decided to sand the other side and didn't protect the front well enough. ARGH. It is the disaster hamster.

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