Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three-Colour Study

Actually, it was supposed to be another two-colour study, but the instructor wasn't quite quick enough with the instructions and I was a little too quick with the paint.

The class material list said to bring ultramarine, raw sienna and burnt sienna to class. I didn't own any raw sienna so I had to go out and buy some (along with all those greens and purples for the last study). When we started painting in class, the instructor said that we could use ultramarine, burnt sienna and a little bit of orange. I didn't have any orange, so I decided to use the raw sienna that I bought. I started painting the background blue, and then the instructor said "you'll need to use the white of the paper". Of course by that time I had covered my whole board in blue paint.

Anyway, it turned out very nice in the end, but I was the only one to use raw sienna so the other students accused me of cheating (as a joke -- we all laughed about it) and started calling me Raw Sienna. So now that's my artist name! Also possibly my porn star name and hippie name, if I ever decide to take up a life that requires a pseudonym.

I had to mess around with this painting quite a bit in Photoshop, because there was too much light coming in from the east. It's quite dark, but the colours are a little more subtle in person.

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