Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Ultimate Wool-Bearing Mammal?

If there's one thing that seems to remain a constant... it's that I'm not very good at painting.

I bought some cardstock remnants to play with, and thought I'd try to re-do Rabbit Sheep. I dug out my old acrylics (haven't been used much since I took a studio course in 1998) and gave it a go:

Cute, but lacked a certain... oomph. I threw on some hasty digital inking to see if I'd like it better with an outline:

And I do think I like it better with an outline, but the sharp line just contrasts too much with everything. I think I'll find my pencil crayons and see what I can do with those.

Hey -- imagine what kind of wool we could get if we bred these with the Nepalese Llamayak!

Final version:

Also... I was perusing the Dream Shapes blog just now (there, on the side bar) and it reminded me about the dream I had this morning. I don't remember anything, other than one of my co-workers telling me (in an aggrieved voice) "I'm sorry, but these sheep are NOT my responsibility! And neither is sex."

It's probably just as well my husband woke me up. I don't think the dream was going anywhere I really wanted to be.

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