Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Keep Your Tusks Clean!

I think this might be it for the orc:

And I finished her up just in time for my dental appointment tomorrow! Yay!

Of course, once I took the picture into the bathroom I noticed I'd completely screwed up her jaw. /sigh. And now I'll have to look at it forever, thinking "curse you stupid jaw!"

The moral of this story is -- look at your art in a mirror BEFORE you ink it! Yet more good advice I never actually follow myself.


kamal anjelo said...

you can see in mirror or you can turn the drawing and see it against light...i always do that before scanning it.

not that ill correct,but just to realize what was the goof-up :)

Princess Rockstar Scientist said...

Yes, that's a good idea too.

Now if I can only teach myself to see the goof-up while it can still be fixed! :D